Who are Tuck and Bo?!

"Tuck n Bo" - it's catchy and easy to remember, but who are these two awesome little kids? 

Meet Tucker Ryan and Bowen Reece. Their dad, Caleb, is one of the owners of Tuck n Bo's Classic Donuts. Caleb wanted to have a business where his boys could begin to get involved and what could be a more fun way to learn about business than tasting donuts!?



Tuck n Bo's is owned by business partners, Jay and Caleb. The duo owns Legacy Industries, Inc - a business holding company located in Martinsville, VA. They are actively looking for opportunites to buy businesses in VA, WV, and NC. 

Legacy Industries started in early 2019 and in December of 2019 they bought out an insurance business which just happened to be located directly beside the DMV in Martinsville, VA. The donut concept came about as they were brainstorming ways to get more people to look over at their insurance office while leaving the DMV. 

Who wouldn't want a fresh cake-style donut after sitting in the DMV for an hour!?